Our Marquees
A Moment’s Hire, Forever’s Admire

We at Party Celebrations specialize in providing tailor made beautiful marquees, making your event memorable. Our marquee philosophy clearly believes in offering the authentic taste of luxury, affluence, and opulence. What makes us stand apart is the use of latest clear-span marquee technology. This is specially made keeping in view providing the maximum space to the flooring area. After all, you need space to transform an event into a mega event.

Marquees supplied by us are award-winning marquees with all the colour combinations making it gel with your party theme. You get many options with us such as pure white depicting purity, bright colours to keep your mood upbeat all the time and many more options. Our marquee designs also include stunningly elegant ivory linings and high specification floor systems.

In addition, our Marquee facilities stretching throughout U.K. make us even more significant. We have been providing a vast range of marquees in every nook and corner of UK and that is why people completely trust our tents and other temporary structures.

Advantage…Your Event

One of the advantages you get with our Marquee Hire arrangements is that it is suitable for any kind of gatherings and private parties. We even match the products with your party theme.

The other advantage is that sometimes a business just needs extra space. In that case our immediate marquee arrangements pay you well. Our wide varieties of industrial structures are flexible, reasonable, elegant, and effective. Don’t worry, as all temporary structures are weatherproof.

Our Marquees are available in a wide variety including arrangements for Large, Medium, and Small Weddings. Designs include Classic, Contemporary, Fantastic Window, Stunning Transformations, Open Air Settings, etc. Other range includes Grand Marquees for Small Weddings, French Window Options etc. For Exhibitions, there are Boutique Options, Large Sales Events, Marquees at Field Days, Room for Massive Storage, Temporary wall partitioning, Pool Side Setting, Courtyard setting, Deck Transformations, and other styles.

Please contact a member of our team on 07974048451 for more information and to discuss your wedding event.